During the various seasons of life, we all have changing needs for clarity and support. I offer a time and a space that’s confidential and separate from work and personal life for you to be able to express what you truly think and feel. I help hold the tension of making sense of complex situations to help bring ease to confusion and frustration in order to decipher what the core issues are, and help to direct them to unearth solutions.

My goal is not to change what the person feels but to accept and join in what you’re feeling, so you are not alone in it. It is my goal to come along side you in your pain and to help you come to a place of empowerment and joy.

Sometimes a client wants to make sense of an experience, sometimes they do not — and just want to leave with the aim of expressing their inner struggle. Sometimes a client may want someone who is not part of the experience to help them see and hear an objective perspective, to identify where harm has been done and where care is needed, and to identify relevant sources and resources of care. My approach is adaptable to each of these personal intentions, which may be unique for each individual session.

During the first session, I’ll be starting us off with guiding questions, but really would like to hear from you. For sessions thereafter, I will engage you in recurrent emerging themes from experiences you have shared to help bring direction to our time together. Each session is 60 or 90 minutes, depending on what you, as a client, prefer. Part of my role, is to decipher and bring clarity to areas you may feel that are holding you back, and together to transform them to become launching pads into the life you want to live.

Your decision to come for counseling entails courage and a degree of personal risk that you may be willing to take in small steps to address areas that keeping you from the kind of life that you want to live.

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