My experience working with humanitarian aid organizations, as well as missionaries, practitioners and relief workers, leaders and students has shaped my scope of practice. Whether you are struggling to find the motivation and passion you once had, or you are plagued by feelings that you don’t care to admit, or you are feeling overwhelmed by an incident (past or present) that prevents you from feeling free. These are all good reasons to take the steps for counseling.

I enjoy counseling people who are dealing with the following areas:

• Post traumatic stress, grief & loss
• Relationship stress/coping with divorce or separation
• Past or present abuse
• Cultural adjustment/Life transition adjustments
• Spiritual healing and recovery
• Depression and anxiety
• Those who are wanting a deeper relationship with others
• Freedom from self-harm and self/other -centered hatred

My aim is to help clients get a clear sense of what is troubling them, how they can get “unstuck” and then move from despair to a place of hope and desire.